CloudBees Raises £130m in Funding for Software Delivery Venture

Their dedication to risk mitigation and security is unparalleled, so they’re fast becoming the go-to DevOps solution for organisations that have to deal with complex layers of compliance in creating their software.

What Does CloudBees Do?

Ultimately, CloudBees is an innovative software delivery tool that allows companies to grow safely without compromising on compliance. The many issues surrounding digital software involve issues such as security, engineering expertise, multi-cloud complexities, and operations. Managing each of these software delivery elements proficiently allows CloudBees to maintain their clients’ digital platforms with ease. Making life easier for everyone, including the customers that experience the uplift in service and speed on the other end.

Despite taking their approach to compliance extremely seriously, CloudBees is enabling impressive productivity increases amongst the clients that work with them. Case studies have found a 10 x productivity increase in working with Autodesk, while 21,000 engineering hours were found to have been saved as the IRS worked with CloudBees.

CloudBees’ Prominent Finance & Security Clients

A US company popular amongst those requiring stable and trustworthy software, CloudBees regularly works with government agencies. Clients including the US. Air Force, the aforementioned IRS, Homeland Security, and more are flocking to them in order to deliver software more effectively.

They are also teaming up with banks, financial service providers, insurance, retail, and software companies. The scope with which their highly secure, end-to-end software delivery services can extend across industries is impressive – and only expected to grow. This level of progressive innovation might just be why these new investors have jumped on board.

CloudBees Reached Startup Unicorn Status

The successful funding round, led by Goldman Sachs, has meant that CloudBees is now at unicorn status. This is the tech industry term for a privately held startup that has reached a valuation of over £1 billion – a tricky prospect. Startups are notoriously difficult to navigate, as plenty of competition means it’s difficult to get going from the very start.

This unicorn status was reached as plenty more investors got involved in the future of CloudBees, including Morgan Stanley, HSBC, and Matrix Partners. A monumental stage in securing their upcoming success as a global delivery solution, CloudBees have stated how these investments will help them grow.

Alongside this investment round that’s catapulted them towards unicorn status, CloudBees just closed a debt facility of £7.7 million. Undoubtedly, this was closed so they can achieve even bigger levels of growth. These next few steps for CloudBees are set to be pivotal moments in further cementing their success on a global level.

Investing in the Future of CloudBees

CloudBees CEO is Stephen DeWitt, appointed to his position in early February 2021. Driving the company forward since, he’s executed plenty of forward-thinking decisions in elevating CloudBees towards achieving these further investments – and growing their potential. DeWitt has explained that the £113m investments in the startup will go towards:

  • Innovation

Always moving forward, CloudBees is expected to continue growing their ideas and software delivery services. This is a vital move in any such competitive industry – there’s no chance to slow down now, there’s big expectations for CloudBees on the horizon.

  • International outreach

CloudBees currently works with teams across the world, with remote working opportunities extending the potential for growth. What’s more, they want to capture the attention of those global clients, too. Their digital product means this is relatively simple to achieve. Language barriers and such can be overcome with further international talent acquisiton, as seen below.

  • Talent acquisition

Already having acquired 500 staff in the first 10 years of operations, CloudBees has no qualms when it comes to acquiring new talent for their teams. With employees from 20 countries speaking over 22 languages and able to work internationally, this has great prospects for the company.

  • Customer service enhancements

The overarching goal of CloudBees, while first seemingly serving their enterprise clients, is actually to provide the final user of the software with a seamless experience. These investments will go towards further research in refining user experience, making CloudBees an even more appealing solution for the masses.

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