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Providing structured sales, marketing and implementation strategies for companies with an appetite for rapid growth and a need to innovate through digital and marketing channels.

A diverse and experienced team of digital marketing, funding, and innovative specialists. We specialise in curating optimum opportunities.

Take a look at some of our impressive talent here at Innovationly. Check out our careers page if you’d like to be a part of our diverse team!

We generate inquisitive leads by refining genuine content, syncing every touch together with your core brand voice.

Focusing on a variety of techniques designed to work harmoniously alongside one another, we have the ability to completely revamp our clients’ marketing strategies. Specialising in local and international SEO and PPC, lead generation, customer acquisition and brand development, we deliver the full package of transformative digital marketing expertise.

At Innovationly, we’ve spent years perfecting the online presence of brands. We help our clientele evolve within an ever-changing digital world.

Our attitudes towards branding, content and digital strategy go above and beyond expectations, as we ensure some of the UK’s biggest upcoming brands are skyrocketing towards success.

Based in Essex and London, we specialise in both local and international SEO and PPC services for lead generation, customer acquisition and brand development. Whether you’re looking for the full digital marketing package, or just a taster of what we can do – we’re here to enlighten you with our digital dexterity.


Making your experience with digital marketing easy. Leave your goals with us, and we’ll take care of the rest, while enhancing customer experience as we do so.


We use specialist digital marketing software in order to configure, record and evaluate exactly how our transformations are working for you.

Monthly Reports

We believe transparency is key. Using this clever software, we generate monthly reports so you can take a look back on what we’re achieving.

Building relationships with companies

Here at Innovationly, we believe that there is power in unity, especially with everything going on at the moment. That’s why we’ve partnered with businesses to share trade in times of needs.

Essex Innovation Hub (ICKG)

An Innovation centre looking at expanding its doors to the east of England and to the new digital world. ICKG worked with Innovationly on their SEO and lead generation strategy to help connect and engage with bold innovative and technology-focused businesses.

Located on the University of Essex, Colchester campus, ICKG provides flexible office space to rent – all of which include mentoring and strategic business support, and access to world-class research, resources, and learning at the University of Essex.

University of Essex

At Essex university, we’re a bunch of risk-takers and opinion-makers, stereotype-breakers, and world-shakers.

Come and pop by for some of our educational talks on SEO and modern marketing trends.

If that doesn’t tickle your pickle then why not reach out to some of the universities staff and departments to see if there is a chance to work or collaborate on some of their amazing projects or even participate in an upcoming Innovate UK, Horizon 2020, or regional initiative for your Start-up or SME.

Tech East

We’re part of the Tech East community and we will shout it from the rooftops!

A rapidly growing network of ambitious digital technology businesses and educational topics that truly open your eyes to the greatness of the East of England.

Tech East shines a light on the dynamic digital tech ecosystem in the East of England to make it easier for governments, investors, and tech companies to connect and collaborate with their members. They are a community of startups, scaleups, and late-stage tech businesses, academia, and the public sector.

The Epicenter

The EpiCentre in Cambridge is not your usual workplace. It’s all about people. If you’re an early-stage company with a passion for tech and science, then you’ve found your spiritual home.

located in Haverhill Research Park, and part of the growing Cambridge phenomenon. Innovationly collaborated with EpiCentre on their SEO and digital drives to attract new business to the wet labs and open office space. The EpiCentre wanted to build a community of bright thinkers, Great minds, great support, a great environment, and great collaboration.

Our Dynamic Team of Marketing Experts

We’re one and all at Innovationly. Every member of our dynamic and interesting team has a share in our agency and a voice to be heard.

Dom Morgan

Head of Videography

Dom Morgan is a multi award winning independent Producer/Director who understands how to wring every ounce from the most tight of budgets. He aims high and just goes for it.

He gained a reputation as a serious first-time filmmaker when casting well known TV/film names for his debut short film, ‘Hard Sell’: Craig Fairbrass (Cliffhanger/Rise of the foot-soldier/London Heist/The bank job), Karl Howman (The Sweeney/Brush Strokes/Eastenders) and Chrissie Cotterill (Nil by mouth/Doctor Who/Bad girls).

Winner of a 2009 MTV short film competition and thirty international awards and accolades for his debut feature film ‘Blood Highway’ (AKA ‘Faith’)

Dom now handles all of our internal and external videography and content writing services for creative projects. He is the go to man for captivating audiences!

Dominic is now a true philanthropist and founder of the ‘Underdog Crew’, a youth charity helping under-represented individuals between the ages of 16 to 25 to get into creative arts and film!

In 2022 he is now working with a number of local councils, funding bodies and charity partners to help expand his vision of supporting those with a passion for the creative field, to truly find their calling.

Harry McDonough

Innovation and Funding Lead

Harry’s extensive knowledge crosses  multiple sectors from Digital Marketing and early stage startup support, to Raising Investment and the Navigation of the UK’s Innovation ecosystem.

Currently working with Connected Places Catapult, the UK’s innovation accelerator for cities, transport & place leadership, Harry directly supports SMEs as they take innovative solutions from idea to market.

Areas of support include securing funding, de-risking innovation, finding delivery partners & new customers and identifying areas for growth & improvement. Developing detailed action plans, Harry helps SMEs to find resources and actively move forward.

Harry’s goal with Innovationly is to help SME’s overcome barriers to growth by addressing specific business needs – and to enable those businesses to develop new concepts, prototypes, products, and services. Harry currently volunteers at Carbon 13 the venture builder for the Climate emergency. Where he supports budding entrepreneurs validate their business ideas, run impact assessment, and prepares them for raising capital.

Outside of the SME world Harry is an avid supporter of underrepresented groups and has designated large portions of his time to mentoring teen and young adults with Creative Arts and Film. Harry supports by working with partner organisations to obtain grant funding to help the programs grown and provide opportunities to those who would struggle elsewhere.

Cameron Haden

In-house Legal Consultant

Cameron Haden is an accredited mediator, LPC Law court advocate and unregistered barrister. He holds an LLM in Bar Professional Training with a focus on using psychology in legal client care, which is the subject of his forthcoming book. He is also head of Aspiring Barristers; a group aimed at helping disadvantaged groups aspiring to the Bar.

Cameron IS genuinely committed to helping startups and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and provide a specialist legal service, tailored to the technology and early stage business sector.

Cameron is a strategic, passionate, and practical attorney who aims to cater to all corporate matters, commercial discussions, product launches and employment matters.

James Morgan

SEO & Marketing

James has a long history of exciting and diverse work within digital marketing, with clients ranging from major charities to high growth start-ups and everyone in between.

His work often involves multi million pound PPC campaigns and SEO campaigns of up to 44,000 keywords. He uses solution architecture to source and integrate new platforms in order to build these complex approaches.

An early career designing, building and creating websites to drive traffic and build affiliate networks feeds James’ deep understanding of digital marketing and web design infrastructure.

A consistent drive for excellence informs each of James’ projects, making him an invaluable inclusion on any project team, regardless of sector, while his curiosity and creativity ensure a nuanced and innovative approach every time.

James also consults and provides video courses in SEO and marketing strategy, and takes particular pride in working with his local university.

Kelly Coulter

Operations Manager

A highly successful individual possessing in-depth operational and business development management skills, supported by strong attention to detail, and demonstrated through an outstanding career to date. My experience is further enhanced by exceptional communication skills and a dynamic self-starter approach.

Commercially aware and results orientated with outstanding staff development and motivational skills, I am recognised for being customer focused, with excellent relationship management skills.

Over the last 10 years I have been working across multiple time zones managing clients and suppliers alike throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas. Experienced in all areas of the supply chain from stock forecasting, through to ordering and beyond to warehousing and distribution.

Mark Coulter

Fulfilment & Strategy Operator

Mark Coulter is a successful entrepreneur and business leader who has made a name for himself in the world of e-commerce. He is the founder and former CEO of MintSoft, a company that provided innovative order fulfilment software solutions for online retailers. Under Mark’s leadership, MintSoft grew from a small start-up to a globally recognized brand, serving clients in over 50 countries

Mark is known for his dedication to customer satisfaction and his ability to identify and capitalize on emerging trends in the industry. He is a forward-thinking leader with a strong track record of building and scaling successful businesses.

In addition to his work at Innovationly, Mark is also actively involved in the tech community, serving as a mentor to aspiring entrepreneurs and speaking at industry events. He is passionate about using his skills and experience to help others succeed in the world of business.

We prefer to work with companies that want to embrace innovation, and the times.

We regularly refresh this portfolio on a quarterly basis to highlight exceptional outcomes and provide you with a clear expectation of the excellence you can achieve in partnership with us.

Underdog Crew Studios

Grant Funding, Investor Engagement, Submission Services, Business & Charity Strategy Coaching

Innovationly played a crucial role in helping Underdog Crew Studios raise the necessary funds to continue their mission of promoting positivity and well-being in young adults through professional filmmaking

ICKG Innovation

Newsletters, Website Consultancy, SEO

The Innovation Centre is the focal point of the University of Essex Knowledge Gateway, a research and technology park on its Colchester campus.

Virtual Internships

Experience Design, International SEO and More For Virtual Internship

Virtual Internships are an Education Technology company on a mission. Founded in 2018, Virtual Internship are backed by some of the world’s top investors, who were early investors in companies such as 

Office Workspace

SEO, On Page SEO, Off Page SEO, Consultancy, Website Design

Office Workspace is a family-led company that has been in the office refurbishment and fit-out business for generations. Their dedication profoundly influences their approach to redefining office environments to their role, and employee satisfaction is of the utmost importance for them.


Delivery of SEO, Website Design, Customer Insight, UI / Visual Design

Houst oversees the daily operations, management, and customer service of Airbnbs and other short-term rental apartments, including managing and optimising online listings on platforms like Airbnb.

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