New Virtual Vets Platform PetsApp Receives £3.3m Funding

Working both ways, they’ve invented a multi-stream system for pet owners, and vets themselves. With the investment round led by Point Nine Capital, a range of angel investors and other firms such as Adjacent also got involved.

Veterinarian Services Have Been in High Demand

As any vet owner that has tried to navigate the unsteady waters of the veterinarian system throughout the pandemic will tell you, PetsApp comes as a much-welcomed change. While we as humans have been facing the ever-growing digitisation of our NHS for years now, our pets have still retained the ‘pleasure’ of being able to see their doctors face-to-face. Although our pets may disagree that it’s much of a nice privilege themselves…

That’s just one of the many redeeming qualities brought to the table by PetsApp. Founded in 2020, the London-based company has seemingly identified and come up with a clever solution to the universal fear of the vet. What’s more, it’s a timely solution that many pet owners may be seeking right now. Over the course of the pandemic, not only has the demand for pets soared – but the demand for the vets that treat them has, too. Of course in many cases, there just weren’t enough vets to go around. With plenty of us working from home throughout lockdowns, this gave us ample time to spend bonding with new members of the family. And, plenty of time for us to notice the little ailments that may otherwise go un-noticed amidst the rush of our otherwise busy lives.

The result has been a complete influx of pet owners clamouring to secure veterinary appointments, for both routine and emergency bookings. Whether that’s something as simple as having your cat spayed, or if your dog just broke into the chocolate cupboard, no matter has been easy to solve amongst such a rush of calls.

How PetsApp Works

We all accustomed fairly quickly to the digitisation of our own GPs, particularly over the pandemic. There’s just something about only having to make a quick phone call – rather than trek all the way to the doctors – for just a minor health concern. These same conveniences can be kept in mind when it comes to our pets. If it’s not a life-threatening emergency, we can save on time off work, as well as valuable time stuck in traffic, if we’re simply able to just video chat the vet instead. All it takes is a simple message on the system, no matter what time of day it is, and the vet clinic can get back to you whenever they’re available to see or discuss your pet. The messenger-style chat system between vet and client also enables vets to keep in touch with clients while their pets are on overnight stays or undergoing surgery. They can even check in with reception upon arrival in the waiting room before an appointment, and share photos of recovery or injuries. The solution isn’t just saving time (and relief) for pet owners, either.

Vets are busy enough as it is, and so PetsApp founders set out to work on a process that made things easier for them – not just for owners. Vet surgery case studies as identified by PetsApp have explained that one surgery has managed to save 50 minutes each day by using their handy services. They stated it’s “transformed” how they operate, as now any queries that don’t require in-person treatment can be answered via video. PetsApp also processes payments for those appointments taken, enabling owners to pay and order medications directly via the app.

What Comes Next for PetsApp?

PetsApp’s recent success with investors just goes to show how lucrative those forward-thinking businesses can be. Especially when it comes to securing funding that will, without a doubt, help skyrocket them towards success.

Since vet surgeries and their clients alike have praised the platform since its launch in 2020, PetsApp might just continue to go on in leaps and bounds. Founders have stated that their £3.3 million investment fund will be spent refining the PetsApp process, as well as concentrating on their worldwide growth strategy. We can only imagine this is a wise move that will help the company grow exponentially over the next few years.

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