TikTok Forex Traders? Beware!

Over the various lockdowns we’ve experienced, people have found solace in producing enticing mini videos that have provided them a much-needed outlet of both creativity and expression. Fair enough, Instagram was the one that propelled this trend of visual connectivity to the forefront of the social media world.

But TikTok is one such platform that goes a little bit further in encouraging users to embrace more personable forms of media. Video shorts. The ability to connect with other individuals via quick snippets that provide the potential to demonstrate elements of lifestyle, business ideas, ‘life hacks’, and more… This is yet another layer that explains why TikTok’s popularity has soared over the past two years.

People are seeking meaningful communication strategies that help them overcome what may be lacking elsewhere. In-person interactions are naturally less frequent due to recent events, and people have been finding their own ways to connect with others online. Need to let out your anger with a mini-rant, but don’t have anyone to rant at? TikTok might listen. Fancy utilising your skills and experiences by explaining the tricks of your trade via video shorts? TikTok loves that kind of thing.

This is why TikTok has cemented itself as an engaging way to interact with peers and those who wish to share their skillsets with the world. But to forget the risks involved in just listening to anyone that feels they have the ‘experience’ under their belt to advise on such skills, we’d be kidding ourselves.

Questioning Validity

As a visually-based sharing platform somewhat similar to Instagram, people on TikTok have explored a whole world of communication methods. Many of these content creators have built up masses of followers. Some fully trained and qualified in their ‘field of expertise’ – some not.

Those popular creators now have the opportunity, and the platform, from which they can voice their aspirations or fears; their day-to-day experiences and personal vociferations of emotion. The issue is that their claims regarding skilled work go unverified. All we have to do is believe them, and it’s done.

Their soliloquy-Esque rants may often be both relatable and all part of the human experience. Working people, skilled or not, we can share content. The majority of us are genuine in our intentions. Sharing our inner thoughts is cathartic, but there’s an even darker side to TikTok that many haven’t yet stumbled across. Obviously, it’s all about money.

We don’t think that social media outlets such as TikTok are a negative move with regards to the digital marketing world at all. In fact, many TikTok videos do present as being educational and informative, and they can be useful in helping us navigate everyday situations. It’s eye-opening to catch such a glimpse into the mindset of others, but where’s the catch? The comedic value of such videos has also enhanced the level of outreach these content creators have managed to attain. But it’s not all fun and laughter, there is plenty to consider.

The Rise of TikTok Forex Traders

One such ‘dark’ place we’d like to cover is the rise of TikTok Forex traders. Since every man and his dog has the ability to release these ‘informative’ videos online, it’s important that viewers take the views of others with a pinch of salt.

It’s undeniable that TikTok has had a positive influence on many individuals, and we’re not here to discredit the way it has inspired people of all ages to come together in many community like formats.

That’s not to say that all communities created for outlets such as TikTok are positive ones that people should listen to. As we mentioned before, the most vital community that we should discuss here is the rise of TikTok Forex Traders.

TikTok Forex Traders are widely commended for their videos that claim to provide viewers with their advice and updates on how to get into to the Forex Trading industry.

However, not all trading advice is impartial, and people may just be looking out for their own interests. Every trader on the planet has their own agenda. If someone has spent money on stocks, they are more likely to try to convince others to purchase their stocks themselves.  this means that many Forex Traders, especially on TikTok, are just in this for the money.

To begin with, you might feel grateful that people are willing to give you the trading advice that you have been looking for. Despite this, it is important to remember that people are out for profit and that you shouldn’t follow advice without doing your own research into the market. But how did forex trading become so popular in the first place?

                                                         Gamestock Logo – Copyright to them!

It All Started with Gamestock

The major situation that led to the fanatical engagements surrounding many trading opportunities came about with the huge increase in profits noticed by GME earlier this year. The value of GameStock shares skyrocketed, and naturally, many people decided they wanted to get in on the the potential for profit. The issue here was that many people who were intrigued by the situation did not know how how to actually implement their goals in a way that would make them a reality. 

That’s where TikTok Forex Traders come in. Noticing the weaknesses within aspiring Traders who were just on the hunt for more information, they set out to capitalise on the situation. If all was done with great intentions, there would be no problem. But many traders knew they could convince viewers to engage with their content, and used this to their advantage.

Foreign Exchange Trading is is a skill, and of course an experience-based position. Experience comes with time, and vice versa. It’s easy to claim that anyone can do it – to outsiders, it just looks like dealing with a load of numbers and databases. This is not the case. There are always risks involved with placing money in trading or investment accounts, and despite the ‘advice’ you might receive, nobody can guarantee that your investment will return a positive outcome.


Over the past couple of years, everyone seems to want a break. It’s natural. People are also optimistic regarding the skills they are being exposed to, too. It makes sense, many people are looking to learn new skills – particularly over the lockdown period – and they are open to more openings. Investing in Forex, though, is not a magic solution – no matter how many people push it.

It’s safe to say it has been a strange time for everyone, and people may therefore find relief in believing the claims that these ‘traders‘ have to share. However, the reality is that nobody can make a fortune from trading stocks like this. Especially when following advice from Traders who are looking out for their own interests.

Particularly when they have access to these TikTok Forex Traders that are claiming to give them impartial advice towards pursuing their trading dreams.

The sad reality is that for many people online, the concept of trust is overlooked. As long as they have plenty of followers and even potentially illegitimate reviews, the notion that one can be trusted is on their side. Seasoned traders know how you can’t just trust everyone making claims about the latest stocks to invest in – it’s often an attention-grabbing or money-making scam. Follow your gut instinct here.

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