FCA Approval Granted For Crypto.com in UK

crypto.com granted uk regulatory approval

The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has given Crypto.com, an international crypto startup headquartered in Singapore with offices across Europe and North America access to Britain’s financial markets after it received regulatory approval earlier this week – meaning that the company can now legally operate as both traders and brokers for clients who want exposure or hedging strategies based on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum , Litecoin etc.

“The UK is a strategically important market for Crypto.com, and at the time when governments around Europe are pushing forward with their agenda to make Britain an international hub for crypto asset technology investment- it makes sense that we would establish ourselves in this key marketplace.”

“We are committed to the UK market, and we can’t wait to show off our new products in this country. We’ll continue working closely with regulators as well so that everything is going smoothly for everyone.”

Crypto.com’s headquarters are in the heart of Singapore, where it has been granted regulatory approval from various governments around this region for its varied business needs – including obtaining licenses to operate internationally as well! Italy grants them special permission too; they’re currently pre-registering themselves before moving forward with their plans there later next year or early 2019 (depending on when you read this).

A couple other places that hold great importance within crypto world have also given thumbs up: Dubai which allows cryptocurrency businesses like Crypto.com an opportunity at setting up shop due its recent legalization policies regarding digital currency transactions.

Regulatory controls on financial crime within cryptoasset industry

The FCA currently regulates the UK cryptoasset industry in a limited form. The government has yet to iron out full regulatory policy, so cryptocurrency remains largely unregulated but subject to anti-money laundering rules which were amended last year After assessing an applying firm’s measures for preventing finance crimes, if they are deemed acceptable then that company can become approved by registering themselves with their local authority before deadlines expire or operating legally within England & Wales

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