Training Courses

Explore creative excellence with Innovationly’s courses at Goldsmiths University, ACT, and Underdog Crew Studios.

Boost your career with our training courses—evolving challenges into skills and innovative ideas into professional mastery.

Unleash your potential and steer your career to success with our tailored, outcome-focused training. Collaboratively, we’ll hone skills that engage with industry demands, setting the stage for enduring achievement.

SEIS - Getting that Advanced Assurance

The Innovationly team will guide your business through the intricate Seed Enterprise Investment Schemes (SEIS) process.

Cashflow, Finance and Budgeting

Cashflow, finance and business budgeting along with practical activities for business finance plans supporting 3, 6 and 12 months for the recovery or business process.

Business Promotion and Lead Generation

On this segment, we’ll cover promotion into new markets looking at the customer based, different ways to generate new leads, sales, different methods for promoting business.

Marketing Mentoring for your Small Business

Do you need a more structured approach to your marketing efforts? Or are you not sure which clients to go after? We can give advice and help you grow your business.

Marketing Strategy: Finding your Target Audience

This session will provide you with the tools to research and influence your clients’ behaviours. You will learn to pitch your messaging to the right people.

SEO - Master Class for Professionals

This is a tailored course that provides marketing and communications professionals with the tools to independently plan, research and rank Websites.

Partnering with Innovationly for Training Courses

Embark on a transformative learning journey with Innovationly, in collaboration with Goldsmiths University, ACT, and Underdog Crew Studios. Our training courses are crafted by industry experts and supported by Community 360 and the Arts & Cultural fund, ensuring a rich educational experience.

With access to over £25,000 worth of advanced equipment and resources, we provide an immersive environment for personal and professional growth.

Our mission is to nurture talent, enhance self-worth, and empower you to excel in the creative arts and filmmaking, fostering an inclusive community where ambitions are realised and skills are honed for success.

Are you wanting a career in digital marketing?

Are you aspiring to break into the vibrant world of digital marketing? At Innovationly, we pave the way for your ambitions with dedicated support and expert guidance. Our services offer comprehensive CV assistance, tailored ‘earn while you learn’ opportunities, and essential employability skills training. Let us equip you with the tools and insights to stand out in the digital marketing sphere and launch a successful career.

Innovationly's - Earn and Learn

Innovationlys Earn and Learn program is designed for Individuals looking to gain work-based learning that combines on-the-job experience with classroom instruction.  Innovationlys Earn and Learn program are part part-time and typically last for 2-4 weeks.  Participants in Earn and Learn internships may have the opportunity to work on real projects, learn new skills, and network with professionals in their field of interest.

Self-Employed with Innovationly

If you are looking at running your own Digital, Social media, Content, or Graphic Design Agency and are looking for Case Studies, Support, and a helping hand in pitching client work then Innovationly is here to help you get your business to where it needs to be.

Why not reach out and see how you can collaborate with Innovatinoly on projects, clients work, and Business Development Strategies

Tailored Employability Support With Innovationly

This program is aimed at Job seekers wanting to practice Interview techniques. Innovationly will arrange real world scenario interviews where the Job Seeker will be able to get first hand experience into the world of employment.

Innovationly will support with Interview prep, CV Creation, Case studies, and Cover letters in order to get you ready for the role you desire.


Underdog crew studios’ filmmaking classes ignite the imagination, build confidence and encourage a host of new skills.

Young filmmakers learn all about the different aspects of filmmaking in our fun and friendly filmmaking classes.

Film Making Certificate

Join our Filmmaking Certificate course at Underdog Crew Studios and unleash your creative potential. This four-week program guides you from script to screen, providing comprehensive insights into storytelling through visuals. You’ll gain hands-on experience with industry-standard cameras like Arri Alexa, under the guidance of award-winning industry professionals. Enjoy high tutor-to-student ratios and 30+ teaching hours weekly, with a focus on practical skills and real-world filmmaking challenges. By the end, you’ll be ready for entry-level roles in the dynamic film and TV industry. Ready to bring your stories to life? Join us today.

Course Overview

Our 4-week Filmmaking Certificate course runs on 20 weekdays from 10:00 to 17:00, with additional hours. Perfect for beginners, this course gives a thorough grounding in filmmaking, offering hands-on experience from concept to screen.

You’ll work in small groups to create short films using professional cameras like Arri Alexa, benefiting from collaboration and industry-level training. Our tutors provide advice and support to help you gain the skills for entry-level film and TV jobs.

The course covers key disciplines: directing, producing, casting, screenwriting, cinematography, and editing with Adobe Premiere. Practical exercises include lighting techniques, directing actors, camera handling, and understanding production.

Upon completion, your films will be showcased in our cinema, and you’ll receive a certificate and a YouTube showreel link.

Course Goals: Gain on-set experience in various roles on student films and understand the filmmaking process through collaborative film creation using digital equipment. The course is in-person at The Studio, Colchester, Essex.

Entry Requirements: Fluency in English (Upper Intermediate level) and a minimum age of 18.

Course Fee: £2,200.

We prefer to work with companies that want to embrace innovation, and the times.

We regularly refresh this portfolio on a quarterly basis to highlight exceptional outcomes and provide you with a clear expectation of the excellence you can achieve in partnership with us.

Underdog Crew Studios

Grant Funding, Investor Engagement, Submission Services, Business & Charity Strategy Coaching

Innovationly played a crucial role in helping Underdog Crew Studios raise the necessary funds to continue their mission of promoting positivity and well-being in young adults through professional filmmaking

ICKG Innovation

Newsletters, Website Consultancy, SEO

The Innovation Centre is the focal point of the University of Essex Knowledge Gateway, a research and technology park on its Colchester campus.

Virtual Internships

Experience Design, International SEO and More For Virtual Internship

Virtual Internships are an Education Technology company on a mission. Founded in 2018, Virtual Internship are backed by some of the world’s top investors, who were early investors in companies such as 

Office Workspace

SEO, On Page SEO, Off Page SEO, Consultancy, Website Design

Office Workspace is a family-led company that has been in the office refurbishment and fit-out business for generations. Their dedication profoundly influences their approach to redefining office environments to their role, and employee satisfaction is of the utmost importance for them.


Delivery of SEO, Website Design, Customer Insight, UI / Visual Design

Houst oversees the daily operations, management, and customer service of Airbnbs and other short-term rental apartments, including managing and optimising online listings on platforms like Airbnb.

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