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There is now an abundance of online resources that can help you upskill without needing to go to university, or train through entry-level employment opportunities such as internships. With the ability to heighten the potential for rewarding prospects that may come your way right at your fingertips, it’s fair to say a lot has changed in terms of the online education industry. Webinars, free marketing podcasts, training sessions, and of course – those more traditional accredited online courses and open university options – make up the bulk of this lucrative hub of opportunities that we all have access to. The bonus here

 is that these newer forms of online education mean you won’t be dragged down by thousands of pounds in student debt afterwards!

For such a widely flourishing industry, the online training boom (you read that right, training – not trading) is certainly worth a look in if you’re up for augmenting your knowledge in digital marketing. The same goes for any industry, skill, or information-based learning aspiration. And we all have aspirations. There are opportunities for every situation as this digital age of sharing information becomes infinitely packed with engaging content.

A huge question is, however, which webinars, podcasts and SEO training providers are worth getting involved with? And which is the best medium for learning? At Innovationly, we’re teaming up with prolific digital marketing brands to produce educational content including webinars, podcasts, and even SEO training courses.

It’s a work in progress as we develop and work our way around delivering the best possible opportunities for you, but it’s certainly marked on our timeline as we grow and thrive. While you watch this space, let’s discuss a bit about how these forms of learning can really transform your understanding of a subject.

Free Marketing Podcasts & Webinars – A Rapidly Developing Industry

A lot of what people thought the podcast industry was to begin with has quickly matured. It’s just not what it used to be. Webinars are an alternative form of media along a similar vein, but where the educational value of content is favoured even more than with traditional free marketing podcasts. Essentially an online seminar, webinars are a great example of the way the internet is propelling the online education industry forward. But when did their older cousin, the podcast, first become popular?

Originally called ‘audioblogs’, podcasts have roots going back to the 1980s, as audio recording software was beginning to advance. Many of these inaugaral podcasts focused on talk shows, whereby opinion-based ideas were shared and often debated.

The rise of the podcast is now recognised as being around 2004 – the year that Will Smith actually hailed the iPod as being “the gadget of the century” in his interview with Wired Magazine. The idea that we could listen to anything on the go without having to carry around a bulky Walkman was, in fact, revolutionary. The same concept has evolved to this day, into the smartphones we all carry around so vigilantly wherever we go.

In comparison to those talk show-esque audioblogs where rants and debatory lamentations were a common ocurrence, knowledge has now become the frontier for podcasts and obviously, their webinar cousins. 

Essentially, the bulk of popular podcasts are now all about skill building. About sharing those tidbits of knowledge that will inevitably come in handy one day. Or they can follow the entire process of teaching one particular topic, from the initial introductory stages; right to the extensively in-depth stuff that demands an almost expert level of comprehension.

How Passive Learning Works

These types of podcasts are endlessly informative, as you’re homing in on your free time and really connecting with that non-fictional information. It’s information that can teach you entire new capabilities you may not have previously considered learning about. Whether you’re into listening about your own industry or something entirely new, it’s hard to argue that such information-rich podcasts are a waste of time.

You don’t even have to concentrate in order to fully comprehend the information you’re listening to. Of course, listening to podcasts doesn’t have to be passive. You can make notes, discuss content with likeminded people, or even reply in your head. You can sit on the bus and check in to a podcast you might have been organised enough to save or download the night before. You can actively start learning with intention, with just a few taps on the Podcast app.

Or, you might find yourself in some slow situation where you’re bored enough to stop staring into space and put on a podcast. Think queuing up at the supermarket, or driving home during rush hour. With unlimited data or a lucrative wifi package at home – you are absolutely free to download such content, so you can enjoy it wherever and whenever you like, even offline. Whether you use your phone, your laptop, your desktop computer to engage with podcasts – the world’s your oyster.

The learning doesn’t just come to a halt when the webinar or podcast ends. Today, it’s obvious that things have changed since the first podcasts became popular. It’s more mainstream, but this hasn’t diminished the level of quality they exude. People are talking about their favourite webinar sessions at work, discussing the content within them, and building upon that ‘passively learned’ content they didn’t even think they were overtly focusing on that much in the first place.

Watch Out for Digital Marketing Webinars, Podcasts, and SEO Training by Innovationly

At Innovationly, we’ve got some information-packed free marketing podcasts & webinars with industry executives; podcasts with intriguing tips; and SEO training courses that include all the things you wish they’d taught you in marketing school in the works.

We believe in the free education industry, and we’re here for it. The issue is that you can’t just take anyone’s advice as gospel. You have to research their background first, particularly in such an online world where everyone gets a voice.

The positive here is that you know Innovationly and partners Acquisiton Agency are premier SEO experts, with their digital marketing know-how covering everything from creative branding, to technical audits and business expansion expertise.

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