Underdog Crew Studios Partnership

Underdog Crew Studios, in collaboration with Innovationly, is dedicated to empowering marginalized young adults by providing them with on-set experience and job opportunities within SMEs, charities, corporate, and government organizations. 

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Our goal is to offer affordable video production agency services while promoting positivity and well-being through the power of professional film.

About Underdog Crew Studios At Underdog Crew Studios, we have multiple film sets, graphic design, vlogging, and editing suites where teen participants immerse themselves in every aspect of the creative filmmaking process. We offer a wide range of specialist TV production workshops, informal daily drop-in sessions, and annual training programs to provide a comprehensive learning experience.

We are grateful for the support of our sponsors who share our vision of empowering young adults through film:

  • Arts & Cultural Fund (£10,000 Grant)
  • ACT (£9,000 Grant)
  • Community 360 (£50,000 Grant)
  • Colchester Institute
  • Inclusion Ventures
  • Alias

“The Underdog Crew has proven to be an inspired destination for a significant number of our current and former film and television students. DB Morgan’s dedication to providing opportunities for vulnerable and disadvantaged students within the catchment of Colchester Institute on real-world projects has added significant value to what we can offer. The importance of the Underdog Crew cannot be overestimated.” – Reg Thompson, Course Leader, Level 3 Year 2 Film and Television, Colchester Institute

Our Specialisms Through our partnership with Underdog Crew Studios, Innovationly expands its video marketing services to deliver exceptional expertise and resources. With access to over £25,000 worth of equipment, a fully equipped studio, and a diverse team of film professionals, we excel in creating video content that resonates with audiences and drives meaningful engagement.

  • Animation Videos: We bring stories to life through captivating and visually stunning animation. Whether it’s 2D or 3D animation, our talented team creates engaging characters and immersive worlds that leave a lasting impact.
  • Brand Videos: We understand the importance of showcasing your brand’s unique identity. Our brand videos are crafted to effectively communicate your values, products, and services, leaving a memorable impression on your target audience.
  • Branded Content: We specialize in creating branded content that seamlessly integrates your brand into compelling narratives. By leveraging storytelling techniques, we ensure that your brand’s message is authentically woven into engaging and shareable content.
  • Case Study Videos: Showcase your success stories and demonstrate the value of your products or services through case study videos. We bring real-world examples to life, highlighting the positive outcomes and experiences of your satisfied customers.
  • Charity Videos: We are passionate about supporting meaningful causes. Our charity videos are designed to evoke emotion and inspire action, effectively conveying your organization’s mission, impact, and the stories of those you serve.
  • Documentary: Our team is experienced in producing thought-provoking and impactful documentaries. From investigative journalism to social issue exploration, we help you tell compelling stories that shed light on important topics and create a lasting impact.
  • eLearning Videos: We create engaging and informative eLearning videos that simplify complex concepts and facilitate effective learning. Our visually appealing and interactive videos enhance educational experiences and improve knowledge retention.
  • Promotional Videos: Drive engagement and boost conversions with dynamic promotional videos. Whether you’re launching a new product or service, promoting an event, or running a special campaign, our videos effectively communicate your key messages and generate excitement.
  • Recruitment Videos: Attract top talent with compelling recruitment videos. We highlight your company culture, values, and career opportunities, showcasing why prospective candidates should choose your organization as their employer of choice.
  • Social Media Video Production: In today’s digital age, social media videos are essential for capturing and retaining audience attention. Our expertise in social media video production ensures that your content is optimized for various platforms and drives engagement.
  • Professional Live Streaming: We offer professional live streaming services to help you reach and engage with your audience in real-time. From live events to product launches, we provide seamless live streaming solutions that deliver a high-quality and immersive experience.
  • Podcasts: Podcasts continue to grow in popularity as a powerful medium for storytelling and audience engagement. We provide end-to-end podcast production services, including recording, editing, and distribution, to help you create captivating audio content.

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