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Grant Project Preparation

Grant Project Preparation Our team assists in pinpointing aspects of your project eligible for grants. Before you apply, we thoroughly analyze your project plan, providing detailed insights and aligning it with the criteria of prospective funding bodies.

Grant Matching Services

After identifying the grant-eligible sectors of your project, we utilize our specialized expertise and in-depth understanding of various grant competitions. This approach ensures we recommend the grants most likely to enhance your success probability.

Grant Assistance

Tailoring to your specific needs, we offer a range of three distinct service levels. Our aim is to optimise your grant application’s success by dedicating the appropriate amount of time and resources to match your team’s requirements.

Partnering with Innovationly for Grant Opportunities

Is Your Business Ready for UK Government and Innovation Grant Opportunities? Preparing for UK government grants, UK innovation grants, and various grant opportunities requires careful consideration and a strategic approach. The complexity and requirements vary greatly across different types of grants, the amount of funding sought, and the awarding body. For instance, applying for local authority or LEP grants is generally more straightforward with smaller funding amounts. In contrast, larger and more competitive grants, like Innovate UK, demand a more detailed and robust application. Here are crucial questions to ponder for your grant application:

  • Business Opportunity – What ignites the need for innovation in your market?
  • Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion – How are these elements woven into your project?
  • Innovation – What uniquely innovative aspects does your solution bring?
  • Market Potential – Which market will your solution benefit, and how do you plan to reach it?
  • Commercialisation Plans – What’s your timeline and strategy for marketing your solution?
  • Wider Benefits – How will your solution contribute to broader economic, social, and environmental improvements?
  • Project Management – How do you plan to transform your idea into a successful project?
  • Team Dynamics – Does your team have the right mix of experience and skills for timely delivery?
  • Risk Analysis – What are the major technical, commercial, managerial, and environmental risks in your project?
  • Financial Justification – Are the costs reasonable, well-justified, and do they represent good value for money?
  • Funding Necessity – Have you explored other funding avenues, and why is public funding essential for your project?
Enhance Your Application with Grant Writing Services

Navigating the intricacies of applying for UK government and innovation grants is a task best undertaken with expert help. Professional grant writers and grant writing services offer valuable assistance in this regard. By hiring these services, you gain access to specialised skills in crafting effective, compelling grant applications tailored to the specific criteria of each grant. This expert assistance can significantly boost your chances of securing grant funding, providing a strategic edge in a competitive field

Different Grants Available

Innovative Grants
Innovative grants from organizations like Innovate UK, UKRI (UK Research and Innovation), SBRI (Small Business Research Initiative), and the Industrial Strategy Council support businesses with groundbreaking ideas and projects. These grants, including SMART by Innovate UK, target tech-driven, commercially viable projects that can positively impact the UK economy. The SEIS (Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme) also falls under this category, offering significant funding to innovative startups.

Regular Business Grants
Regular business grants, available through Government Departments, Local Authorities, LEPs, and Corporate Foundations Universities, cater to a broad range of businesses. These grants support various needs such as infrastructure improvements, business development, and general growth. This category also includes schemes like the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme and the Small Business Pro Grant, which provide financial support for specific operational enhancements.

Charity Grants
Charity grants, supported by various governmental departments and charitable organizations, are tailored for not-for-profit entities and charitable startups. This includes grants from The Prince’s Trust Enterprise Programme, Subak, and the Charles Burnett III Memorial Fund, focusing on causes like environmental conservation, education, heritage, and community welfare. These grants often support specific demographic groups or societal issues, providing both restricted and unrestricted funding to help charities achieve their mission and goals.

Eligible Activities for Grant Funding

At Innovationly, we diligently track the market for funding competitions and opportunities pertinent to UK businesses. While each grant provider focuses on specific sectors and priorities, our aim is to ensure top-tier projects receive funding. Eligible activities for grant support encompass a broad spectrum, including:

Pioneering Innovations
Business Expansion and Growth
Investments in Capital
Revolutionary Platforms and Technologies
Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems
High-Stake Project Ventures
Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Initiatives
‘Green’ Business Practices
Collaborative Ventures
Employee Development, Upskilling, and Engagement of External Expertise

Securing Grant Funding: A Competitive Journey

Acquiring grant funding in the UK is a highly competitive and challenging process. Even if your business aligns with a grant’s eligibility and objectives, success demands thorough consideration of several factors. Application forms are often intricate, requiring detailed responses within strict word limits and extensive preparation. Given that only a small percentage (5%–10%) of applicants secure the most sought-after grants annually, it’s crucial to assess if the investment of time and resources is justified.

Common pitfalls encountered by innovative businesses in previous grant applications include:

Non-compliance with specific eligibility criteria related to legal structure, industry sector, company size, or geographical location.
Applications not aligning with the intended scope or guidelines of the funding.
Insufficient time and resources allocated for application planning and drafting.
Lack of clarity and precision in presenting project outcomes, evaluation methods, or consultations.
Budget proposals not adhering to funding guidelines, lacking detail, or having unconvincing financial management plans.
Absence of required match funding at the time of submission.
Inadequate risk management, monitoring, or evaluation processes.
Supporting documents being incomplete, inaccurate, contradictory, or missing.
Applicants being subject matter experts but lacking professional grant writing skills.

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